Top 7 Beijing Jobs For English Speaking Foreigners

by Rocky Marciano
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The Chines capital, Beijing is one of the cities in the world that is attracting foreigners from all corners of the world. Numerous measures are being put in place to ensure that China as whole is integrated with the rest of the world. One way to achieve integration is by offering opportunities to foreign workers, especially English speakers. As a professional, it is important to set your goals beyond your country. There are numerous opportunities available overseas. Besides jobs, there is bonus like culture exchange and adventure. For this moment let us explore some of the top jobs in Beijing for foreigners.

As with other large cities in the world, you can expect to find vast ranges of work opportunities. Some are for people with long-term experiences while others are for the beginners. However, competition is high. Thus, a well-crafted CV is an essential tool to secure job in Beijing as an English speaker.

English teaching jobs

As you are aware English is one of the main international languages. To fully connect China with the rest world the Chinese people are eager to learn English. If you take a look at the current statistics, English teaching is the greatest employers of foreign workers in the country. With excellent skills, it is very easy to find a job in an institution, summers camps or private teacher.

With the growing economy, the majority of middle-class earners are spending much in employing home English trainers for their kid. Others are national, municipal and private institutions. The city has over 50 universities and colleges admitting students from all over the world. This diversity in student admission has led to the need for employing professionals with English knowledge.

Business management jobs

The economy of China is developing at an incredible pace. It is second largest in the globe and still growing. Due to this rapid development, every company is setting their manufacturing factories in China. If you take the biggest brands on earth, they have their presence in the country. The capital serves as their operational headquarters. The need for highly qualified people with exceptional managerial skills is in demand.

There are thousands of local experts who graduate every year in China. Still there are a good number of Chinese professionals working on international organization. However, when it comes to employing English skilled managers, foreigners are given the first hand. Having the required experience in the high-level managerial skills is an achievement, and you may find yourself in Beijing.

Technical and engineering jobs

Economic advancement goes hand in hand with infrastructure development. This scenario is clearly demonstrated in China. The efforts to improve roads and construction of high rising skyscrapers are at the peak, especially in the capital city. The urbanization is also rapid leading to massive demand for housing and other amenities. The effects are high demand of technicians and engineers.

The other giant sectors are the energy, automotive and oil industries. These new emerging industries have created enormous opportunities for the high number of engineers in the country. To your surprise, the companies involved are seeking foreigners than locally trained experts. If you have the required sufficient experience, you can take your chances as you are in a better position.

Sales and marketing jobs

Beijing serves as a commercial and international connection hub; it is the gateway to China. Due to the vibrant manufacturing sector, there is a requirement for local, regional; and international sales and marketing personnel. The local Chinese companies are in a race to expand and advertise their products internationally. On the other hand, the global corporations are trying their level best to gain a share of the market in this most populous nation. 

The stiff competition has led to hunting of highly qualified and experienced sales persons. As with other sectors the foreign professionals are highly favored for they are believed to have superior skills internationally. With excellent language skills and marketing expertise, it is simple to secure a lucrative job in Beijing as well as other places in China. 

Information technology (IT) 

Chinese people mostly use homegrown internet services. From the web services providers, apps and browser are based on the Chinese language. These services when compared to the rest of the world, they are limited only to be used in the country. Several internet-based companies are aiming to take their businesses to international level. For instance, Alibaba the largest online has embarked on a campaign of improving its global presence. It has incorporated foreign specialists to help in its upgrading. 

The majority of upcoming companies in China are targeting to join the rest of the world, though by use of home developed internet platforms. The expansion has seen foreign IT experts becoming a hot cake. One of the most targeted groups of professionals is English speaking persons.

Hospitality sector jobs

Tourism is a significant activity in Beijing. The city receives thousands so of visitors daily. The vast number of tourist and other international guests has led to the booming hospitality sector. Giant global hotels have set their feet on the city prompting a need for to import foreign labor. 

For the local hotels, the most convent ways of offering international standard services is by hiring external trainers. The instructor jobs are numerous and well paying. Others include managerial the hotel and catering managements. Hotel management internships are offered to English speaking foreigners, which act an avenue for securing a permanent job in Beijing.

Translation jobs

As the capital of China, Beijing receives high profile visitors and tourists. As it is the fact, not all are conversant with the Chinese language. The need for efficiency in the communication there exist various translation agencies. Also, it is possible to set up a personal translation office and fetches good returns. Besides translating one can get a well-paying job in the media houses that needs to broadcast or print in English.

Beijing is a city of opportunities for the foreigners. It calls for hard work and commitment to secure jobs in the town as an English speaker due to extreme competition. Before applying for any job in Beijing, one needs to be well equipped with required documents. A visa working permits are the vital requirements and relevant certificates. While working in Beijing, you stand a chance to explore many ancient stunning features as the city is tree millennia old. Knowing the Chinese language is also part of what foreigners aspire together with their culture.  

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