So You Want To Backpack Around The World?

by Rocky
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Backpacking can be a great deal of fun, but only if you are comfortable while staying away from comfort. Backpacking is not for everyone. It isn’t for those who love cushy hotels and the luxury of rented cars. It isn’t for those who don’t have an appetite for adventure. Touring the world in yachts and flights is not exactly traveling the world. Backpacking around the world is how you should truly explore the blue rock.

But if you have never embarked on a backpacking trip, then you need a lot of prepping. Ideally, you should go on a short backpacking trip to somewhere close before you leave the safe shores of your country.

The first rule of backpacking is to travel in a group. There are many solitary travelers who keep exploring the world on their own. Unless you have a very strong heart and are trained on survival strategies, don’t embark on such a journey. Have a small group of friends or people sharing the same passion and set sails.

The second rule of backpacking is to travel light. No matter where you are going, with whom and for how long, you need to carry as little luggage as you possibly can. You will have to recycle some clothes, you will have to do your chores along the way and you can always restock and get your supplies on the way so there is no need to carry a lot of stuff. You will have to learn a few tricks and tips of backpacking. For instance, if you have to carry three bags or a large luggage, then you better consider hiring courier services instead of carrying stuff on your own. Backpacking demands austerity but you cannot afford to carry a lot of luggage and there would be some stuff in addition to the basics that must be carried. Hire courier services and send parcel to USA or wherever you need.

You must always take the most of treaded path when the terrains are risky but when it is a safe transit between two places, you can always take the less explored or unexplored path. That would turn out to be much cheaper and a lot more interesting.

You will have to physically train yourself so you can endure the labor and you must master the art of saving, whether it is money or the basic needs of day-to-day life.